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  Hello! My name is Chen Danqing. My English name is Joy. I'm 14 years old. I'm a happy girl. I have a happy family.

  My father and my mother are both office workers. They're busy. But at weekends, they always cook nice food for me.

  I'm happy in the family. I love my parents and they love me very much.

  I'm a student at Dongzhou Middle School. It is very big and beautiful. There are many classroom buildings and office buildings.

金沙登录地址app  Besides the buildings, there is a big playground. After school, there are lots of boys playing basketball on it. I think they are happy.

  There are a lot of flowers and trees in my school. They are beautiful. I like my school.

金沙登录地址app  In my school, I have many friends. All my friends are polite and helpful. My friends are all nice to me. They can make me happy. So I like playing with them.

金沙登录地址app  My hobbies are listening to music and reading. I like pop music very much. I dislike sports because I'm not strong. It's hard for me.

  I have a happy family, a beautiful school and many nice friends. I enjoy every day.


  Hello, everybody, let me introduce myself a minute you know me, know me and accept me.

  I am from Shandong xxx, 20 years old this year, my hometown in Chongqing, Sichuan has given me straightforward character, and yet steady, then the long journey to the city of Nanjing to study.

  In fact, when the first came to college to learn with a certain ideal of my heart out, some depressed at first, but after some time, I recognize the truth, it is optimistic about the Internet Professional. "The 21st century is the century of network interconnection."

  This remark is not false, as the Internet's development, it has stuck for the 21st century to take off.

  Later, interest in continuous culture process, I began to become interested in the Internet the next three years, I will continue to progress in the study spent.


  Good morning ladies and gentlemen,I’m HuangDong from FuJian Province.It's my pleasure to be here in front of you to introduce myself.

  I’m a freshman now studying in Materials Science and Engineering and I Just enter the university .

金沙登录地址app  About my character, I can’t describe it well, but generally speaking ,I am a hard_working student especially when I do the things I am interested in. And I am optimistic and confident.

金沙登录地址app  Sometimes I prefer to stay alone, reading, listening to music, but I am not lonely, In my spare time,I often go shopping with my friends,surf on the Internet and do some sports,such as running,table tennis and roller_skating.

  I like badminton very much.I even got the 4th place in the badminton Competition in my school,which was a very glorious memory.

  But now since I’m faced with School and activities,I can’t spend too much time doing sports.

  But this busy life has also taught me how to balance between study and entertainment.Also I love English very much.

金沙登录地址app  I often write compositions to improve my witten ability, but I know my English is not good enough,I still need to make an effort.

金沙登录地址app  This is a brief introduction of myself.At last I really look forward to being admitted and becoming part of the class. Thank you very much.


金沙登录地址app  Everybody is good, my name is called He xuan, my English name is called Angle.

金沙登录地址app  Everybody knew that Angle is the angel meaning, I hoped that I forever can look like the angel equally happily, joyful, is carefree all day!

金沙登录地址app  I in the sixth grade, faced with rose the middle school now, father and mother, grandfather paternal grandmother, teacher schoolmates place the very big expectation to me, I will certainly not disappoint their expectation, will study diligently, passes an examination junior middle school's key class!

  In the future will become social a person of great ability and tremendous potential, will make the contribution for the motherland!











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