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Have been a travelling by train for about 3h, the journey was tiring. I arrived in our provinces capital city-Nanning,a green city in south China.

金沙登录地址appI met Mrs.Long,then she showed me around the downtown including Walmart,Xingning walking street,the bund,ect. There is a drinks machine in the street that offers passers by free drinkable water. They had the same thing in my city, but people used the water to wash their hands which ruined the machines. On the contrary, Ningningese tend to protect every piece of public property. When a little boy wanted to wash his hands, his mother stopped him immediately and told him," you should not use the water to wash your hands,the water is for drinking."

金沙登录地址appIn the evening I walked to see the Guangxi Peoples Hall and Mendzhidao shopping mall. The next day,I cycled to Langdong new district where the Nanning international exhibition is located. The exhibition is built for CAEXPO. The bike broke during my way back,but a student from Guangxi University kindly gave me a lift. On the last day i got up early to go to Qingxiushan Park.

There I enjoyed the scenery and prayed to the buddhas for my future.


金沙登录地址appSome businesses now say that ao one call smoke cigarettes in any of their offices. Some governments have banned smoking in all public places. This is a good idea though it takes away some of our freedom.

As we know, smoking is harmful not only to our health but also to the environment. Smoking can lead to many diseases, such as lung cancer. Smoking affects non smokers more than it does smokers. Ratio of passive smokers getting ill is higher than that of smokers. So, many nonsmokers are against smoking.

金沙登录地址appIn public places, the harm of smoking is greater. This is connected with another effect of smoking. That is, smoking pollutes environment by giving much poisonous vapour off into the air.

金沙登录地址appTherefore, that the government ban smoking is very necessary and important to us. It is a measure to protect our health and environment. So many people, especially nonsmokers are for the policy.

Some people say that it takes away some of our freedom. I think it is a one-sided view. If one wants to smoke, he may smoke in private, not in the public places. In fact, smokers still have the freedom of smoking.

But, I think, smokers had better give up smoking, not only in private places, but also in the public places, everywhere. It will be beneficial to ail of us.


From Monday until Friday most people are busyworking or studying, but in the evenings and off weekends they are free to relax and enjoy themselves. Some watch television or go to the movies;others participate in sports.It depends on individual interests. There are many different ways to spend our spare time.

Almost everyone has some kind of hobby. It may be anything from collecting stamps to making model airplanes.Some hobbies are worth a lot of money; others are valuable only to their owners.

金沙登录地址appI know a man Who has a coin collection worth several thousand yuan. A short time ago he bought a rare ten-yuan piece worth 250 yuan. He was very happy about the purchase and thought the price was reasonable, on the other hand, my son collects match boxes. He has almost 600 of them but I doubt if they are wortfi any money. However, to my son they are extremely valuable. Nothing makes him happier than to find a new match-box for his collection.

Thats what a hobby means, i guess. It is something we like to do in our spare time simply for the fun of. it. The value in money is not important, but the pleasure it gives us is.


金沙登录地址appAbout ten years ago when I was an undergraduate in college, I was working as an intern at my University’s Museum of Natural History. One day while working at the cash register in the gift shop, I saw an elderly couple come in with a little girl in a wheelchair.

As I looked closer at this girl, I saw that she was kind of perched on her chair. I then realized she had no arms or legs, just a head, neck and torso. She was wearing a little white dress with red polka dots.

As the couple wheeled her up to me I was looking down at the register. I turned my head toward the girl and gave her a wink. As I took the money from her grandparents, I looked back at the girl, who was giving me the cutest, largest smile I have ever seen.

金沙登录地址appAll of a sudden her handicap was gone and all I saw was this beautiful girl, whose smile just melted me and almost instantly gave me a completely new sense of what life is all about. She took me from a poor, unhappy college student and brought me into her world; a world of smiles, love and warmth.

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