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  Chinese Folktale-The Tiger and the Fox金沙登录地址app民间故事-狐假虎威

金沙登录地址app  Once a fox met a hungry tiger。 The tiger opened his mouth and was about to eat the fox。

  But the fox said, “My dear sir, I’m the King of the forest! You cannot eat me! Follow me, let’s walk together and I will show you。 If any animal sees me and does not fear me, then you may eat me。”

金沙登录地址app  The tiger agreed, because he couldn’t believe a fox could be as powerful as himself。 The tiger followed the fox to the forest。 All the animals, when they saw the tiger in the distance, were all frightened and ran away。

  Then the fox said: “How about it? I was walking in the front, and I scared all the animals away。”

  The tiger had not noticed that the animals were actually afraid of himself。 He was ashamed and said, “Yes, you are right。 I’m very sorry。 You are the King。”

金沙登录地址app  Vocabulary and Phrase:

金沙登录地址app  Vocabulary:

  1。 Hungry / ‘hʌŋɡri/

  adj。 饥饿的

金沙登录地址app  2。 Powerful / ‘paʊə(r)f(ə)l /

金沙登录地址app  adj。 有权势的;有影响力的;强大的

  3。 Scare / skeə(r) /

  v。 吓唬,吓跑

  4。 Notice /‘nəʊtɪs/

  v。 发现,注意到

  5。 Actually / ‘æktʃuəli/

金沙登录地址app  adv。 事实上

  6。 Ashamed /ə‘ʃeɪmd/

金沙登录地址app  Adj。 惭愧的,尴尬的


金沙登录地址app  1。 Let’s (let us) : 让我们一起…。。

金沙登录地址app  Sentence of the Day:

金沙登录地址app  1。 If any animal sees me and does not fear me, then you may eat me。


金沙登录地址app  • Print the story。

金沙登录地址app  • Print the activity for the story


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